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Running Out of Memory in Song Mode

I keep running out of memory trying to record new tracks in Song Mode. How can I work around this?


There are two areas one must monitor when dealing with sequencer memory limits in the K2 series of instruments:

  1. is the overall amount of PRAM remaining (as seen on the Disk or Master Mode screens next to the word "Memory:")

  2. is the individual size of the given sequence itself. The K2 architecture limits you to song objects no larger than 64kb each. Now in terms of sequencing, 64Kb is actually fairly large, but of course not impossible to surpass.

So, what you will need to do is analyze both these conditions to see which "wall" you are up against. So start by going to Disk or Master Mode and looking at the Memory gauge. If you are at roughly 20k or less, you will need to do some house cleaning so to speak as this would suggest there are many other objects currently in PRAM that are eating up space. You would want to rummage through your current memory contents and erase anything not currently in use, backing things up as necessary first. The fastest way to clear unwanted objects is to use the Master menu, Object/Delete database function.

If, on the other hand this PRAM Memory gauge shows a decent amount remaining (i.e. 50k+ or whatever) then we can assume that this is not the problem and it must be that the song itself is nearing the 64kb single song limit. When a song is near the 64K max, you may also see the Song Mode "Used" percentage meter quickly nearing 100% (this meter appears while recording). If you really want to confirm things, you can see the size of any object in memory by accessing any of the Database Functions found by pressing the Object soft button on the Master page. If the song(s) in question is near 64,000 bytes, then indeed it is the song's individual size that you are running up against.

Going forward with this assumption, there may still be things you can do to maximize your use of the memory available:

  1. The easiest thing to do is use the Song EDIT/TRACK/ERASE tool to eliminate, from your song, unnecessary large amounts of continuous MIDI data, like mono-pressure (sometimes called aftertouch). Most people are unaware they are even recoding this type of data into their sequences and it can easily consume very large amounts of PRAM keeping you from getting the most from the 64k allotment.

  2. Using the various Edit/Song Track functions like Delete, Grab and so on, you can break the Song into sections, save each section as a separate Song, and string the sections together using the Arrangement Editor. For details on using the Arrange mode see your manual as well as the KnowledgeBase Tutorial "Using the Arrangement Editor to Assemble a Song".

  3. One preventative measure you can use too is to make sure you are not recording aftertouch if it isn't needed. While some programs respond to aftertouch, others do not. If you are sending aftertouch, every time you lean into the keys you are recording a constant stream of data. If the sound doesn't respond to it, you are simply wasting memory for no purpose. On the K2000, you can turn off aftertouch by setting the Press parameter on the MIDI Transmit page to Off (instead of MPress). On the K2500/K2600, you need to create a Control Setup with the [PRESS] page Destination set to 'Off'.

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