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K25/K26 - Using A Breath Controller


How do I set up my K2500/K2600 to use a breath controller?


There are two issues you have to deal with. First of all, you have to assign the breath controller jack to send some type of MIDI controller message. Second, you will then have to go and edit programs to have them do some specific thing (whatever you want) when you send that MIDI controller message.

To assign the breath controller jack to send some type of controller message: You do this in the Setup Editor. If you are playing a Setup, then you would have to edit each zone in the setup that you wanted to send info from the breath controller. If you are playing programs, then you have to edit the Control Setup. (For more info on using the Control Setup, read this page.)

To assign the Breath Controller jack to send something you would go into the Setup editor and go to the CPEDAL page, (since the breath controller uses the same settings as the CC Pedal 2). So for the CPed2, you would set the Destination parameter to send the MIDI Controller that you want.

You can assign that to Volume (controller #7) and therefore use the breath controller to send MIDI Volume control, but this really isn't the best way, since MIDI volume control will affect everything called up on that channel. So if you have turned volume down on that channel with the breath controller in the Control Setup and then switch to a different program in which you don't want to use the breath controller, you will be stuck - volume will remain turned down unless you blow into the breath controller.

Therefore it is best to assign the breath controller to a controller without a predefined function and then edit your programs to respond to that controller number. If you look at the Default Control Setup (#97), you will see that CPed2 is assigned to Breath (which is controller #2). So when you blow into the breath controller, it sends controller #2, and any program edited to respond to that controller will respond as such.

Unfortunately, this means that if you want to create your own programs that will respond to breath control in a specific way, you will need to learn about V.A.S.T. programming and how it works. For info on this, we recommend several things. First of all, do some of the tutorials in chapter 19 of the manual so you get an understand of the basic concepts of synth programming. In addition you will find some tutorials here on our web site. Once you have an understanding of basic programming you can use it to apply to what you want to do with the breath controller.

Also, download the file TGFILEBC.KRZ . This file has a bunch of programs which use the Breath Controller. If you call up those programs and go into the editor and look to see where Breath is assigned as a control source. If you do this once you have a basic knowledge of V.A.S.T., you should be able to pickup on all the programming techniques used in these programs extremely quickly.

Finally, we suggest contacting Patchman Music. They specialize in selling programs designed to work with breath control, and may also be able to give you some programming advice.

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