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Exporting Song Files For Use In an External Sequencer

How can I get a K2 sequence into an external sequencer?


The easiest way to export a K2 sequence to another sequencer is to save the file as a .MID file to floppy disk (SMedia for K2661 users) and then insert that disk in your computer for copying (may require adding a USB-floppy or USB-SMedia drive to your computer).

On the K2, the steps to generate a .MID file are:

  1. Go to Disk mode
  2. Press [ SAVE ]
  3. Press [EXPORT]
  4. Press the [ MIDI ] soft button. You will see a list of all Songs currently in the K2's memory
  5. Highlight the song you want exported and and press [ OK ]
  6. Follow through the rest of the save dialogs (naming and selecting Type 0 or 1 file type)

Model-Specific Notes:

K2000 require OS v3.87 in order to save a Type 1 .MID. Older versions can only export a Type 0 file.
K2500 require OS 2.52 or better in order to save a Type 1 .MID. Older versions can only export a Type 0 file.
K2600/2661 units can save Type 0 or Type 1 files regardless of OS revision.

What's the Difference Between Type 0 and Type 1?

Type 1 files contain separate information for each track. For a Type 0 file, however, all the tracks are merged into a single track, although MIDI channel information is still retained. When a Type 0 file is loaded into a sequencer, it will take each channel's information and put it on a separate track. So for a typical sequence with one track per MIDI channel, it will normally not matter if the sequence is saved as Type 0 or Type 1. But if your source sequence has several tracks assigned to the same MIDI channel (for example several drum tracks playing the same program on the same channel, but with an individual drum sound on each track), then it is best to export it as a Type 1 file. If exported as Type 0, all tracks assigned to the same channel will be merged into a single track when the .MID file is loaded.

An Alternative Way to Move a Sequence to Another Sequencer

If your external sequencer can't read a .MID file, or you have some reason for not wanting to export it in that format, you can record a sequence in real time from the K2 to another sequencer. Make sure that the Control parameter on the MIDI Transmit page is set to Both and that the tracks in the song are all assigned to Local + MIDI (each Track Destination parameter on the Song Edit COMMON page will be set to "-"). On the Song Mode MISC page, make sure Sync is set to Transmit or Both. On the external sequencer, set it to sync to an External Clock. Set up the tracks on the external sequencer to match all the channels being used on the K2 sequence and make sure it is set to Multi-Record. (This will allow you to record multiple channels of information in one pass. If the sequencer can't do this, you will have to make one pass for each MIDI channel.) Then press Record on the external sequencer and Play on the K2. The data will be recorded in real time.

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