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K2000VP - Adding Optional ROM Blocks and How This Affects the Original Presets

I added a ROM block to my K2000VP and my first 200 presets have changed. What happened to the old presets?


The K2000VP contains a different set of preset programs from the original K2000. (The K2000VP presets are similar to those created for the K2500. The K2vx also uses these same presets in its first two banks.) All of the preset objects are contained on the two Setup EPROMs, so when you add a ROM block you have to swap out those EPROMs for a different set of EPROMs that include the preset objects used in the ROM block options. Unfortunately, we never created Setup EPROMs which have the newer K2000VP presets along with a single ROM block. So if you add just the Orchestral ROM or just the Contemporary ROM, then the Setup EPROMs for an original K2000 with that particular ROM block are installed, and therefore the presets in the first two banks change to those used in the original K2000.

There are two possible solutions for this issue:

  1. If you add both ROM blocks, then you can also order and install the K2vx Setup EPROMs. The K2vx is a K2000 sold with all the options already installed. As mentioned above, it has the newer presets. So you will get the K2000VP presets back, plus have the presets for both ROM blocks, PLUS you will have 200 extra presets in the 600s and 700s banks, which were developed specifically for the K2vx. Your unit will then be similar to a K2vx (if you also have the PRAM option installed, then it will now be a K2vx).
  2. If you have a limited budget or simply don't want both ROM blocks, there is another option. You can download the file K2TOK2VP.ZIP. This file contains the K2000VP presets, which can then be loaded into RAM. However, if you don't have the PRAM option, you will not be able to fit all of the presets into RAM (but you can always open the file and load the individual preset programs you want).

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