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Imported MIDI File Not Playing Back with the Correct Sounds

I have loaded in a .MID file that I downloaded from the Internet and none of the sounds are correct.


It is likely that those files are intended for a General MIDI (GM) instrument. The important thing to understand is that General MIDI has nothing to do with Standard MIDI Files. A .MID file is simply a sequence file saved in a standard format. But General MIDI is a term which refers to an instrument having a specific set of sounds, located at specific program numbers, along with various other standard rules such as drum note layout, etc.

The K2000 and K2500 are not GM instruments. GM was intended as a lowest possible common denominator and is more typically found on low end instruments, not instruments intended for the high end professional. However, we do have GM compatibility files that can be loaded into the K2000 and K2500. They contain samples and therefore must be loaded into the unit each time you power up. They require 2 Meg of sample RAM.

There are three different GM files for each series. Which file you use depends on which ROM blocks you have in your instrument.

You can download the appropriate GM file for your instrument from each respective Downloads page under "Compatibility Files", links below:

K2000 Downloads
K2500 Downloads

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