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Errors When Trying To Load a .MID File

I am trying to import a .MID file into my K2000 and I get an error message. What is the problem?


The K2000 can import Standard MIDI Files (.MID). However, prior to OS v3.54, the K2000 would only import Type 0 .MID files. There are two commonly used .MID formats - Type 0 and Type 1. If you receive an error message saying the file can't be imported, it is probably a Type 1 file. To convert a file from Type 1 to Type 0, you simply need another sequencer, such as a software sequencer, that can read both formats. Load the file into that sequencer and export it, making sure to specify Type 0. Alternatively if you upgrade** the K2000 OS to v3.54 or later, it will be able to read Type 1 files.

**Note: the K2000 series stemmed from technology that used physical EPROMs for its upgrades, not downloadable flash ROM files. This means, to update the unit you would need to take it to an Authorized KMS Service Center and they could order the parts and perform the update for you. The last version of OS for the K2000 was v3.87.

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