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Accessing 32 tracks in Song Mode

I have read that the K2 has 32 tracks for sequencing, but I only see 16 tracks in Song Mode. How do I get 32 tracks?


Each individual song has 16 tracks. But each song can also call up a second song to play simultaneously, which has its own 16 tracks, giving you a total of 32 tracks. The second song is called up from the Arrangement Editor. Please see Using the Arrangement Editor to Assemble a Song for details on this. (also see "Arrange Mode" in your user manual for additional details).

Keep in mind that there are still only 16 MIDI channels, so you can only have 16 separate programs called up at the same time in the K2. Therefore if you have two tracks assigned to the same MIDI channel, they would have to be set to play the same program. You assign the channel for the track with the Channel parameters on the Song Mode page. Some people look at those numbers and think they are the track numbers, since the default is to have track 1 assigned to Channel 1, Track 2 assigned to Channel 2, etc. But they can be set to any channel number, allowing you to assign any channel number to any track.

If you have an additional MIDI keyboard or sound module, then you can assign 16 tracks to play internally only and another 16 tracks to play MIDI only giving you the equivalent of 32 separate MIDI channels. To do this, you would use the Track Destination parameters, found in the Song Editor on the COMMON page. If a track is to "M" (MIDI) the data for that track is sent out the MIDI out port only. If it is set to "L" (Local), then it will play the internal sounds on the K2 only. If it is set to "-", the default, it will play both MIDI and Local.

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