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Exchanging Songs/Setups Between the K2000, K2vx and/or K2000VP Models

I have a sequence/setup written for a K2000. When I load it into the K2vx or K2000VP, it does not sound right. (Or vice versa.) How can I correct this?


The later model K2vx and K2000VP had a different set of preset programs, setups, and effects than the ones found in the original K2000. So if you have a sequence/setup which points to any factory preset programs and effects, it will not sound correct when loaded into a unit with different presets.

For this reason, we have created compatibility files which you can use when loading a song/setup that references the others' presets.

All K2000 Series Compatibility Files can be downloaded at the K2000 Downloads page, under the "Compatibility Files" section:

K2000VP and K2vx Users: the file you want is titled "K2VXTOK2.ZIP"

Original K2000 Users: the file you want is titled "K2TOK2VP.ZIP"

Note the file descriptions as many require the PRAM expansion option in order to load the file (included in a K2vx).

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