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Creating Splits & Layers (Building a Basic Setup)

How can I create a performance split and/or layer?


SETUP mode is what you are after.

A set up is a MIDI transmission configuration which allows the local keyboard to play three MIDI channels at the same time; these three MIDI zones can play different programs and zones may overlap. In contrast, PROGRAM mode you can have three layers, but the local keyboard can only transmit on one MIDI channel at a time. In SETUP mode, you can have up to three chosen programs combined together, as you see fit, across the keyboard. As such, Setup mode is ideally suited for creating splits and layers.

There is really no "one" way to build a setup, but here is typical approach:

  1. press SETUP
  2. select setup #100 Basic Setup
  3. press EDIT
  4. select desired sound (it does not matter which sound you assign first)
  5. if building a split, set desired note range (LoKey & HiKey parameters) for this sound
  6. press CHAN/BANK to go to next zone
  7. repeat steps 4-6 till done
  8. press EXIT
  9. you will be asked to save this Setup you just made - press [Yes]
  10. [Rename] the setup if you wish
  11. press [Save]

Done. Now any time you wish to use this setup, you will need to enter Setup mode and select it.

There are many more things you may want to tailor (zone transpose, volumes, controller assignments, etc.) but this should get you started. For complete details, check out Chpt.7 "Setup Mode and the Setup Editor" in the K2000 Musician's Guide.

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