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K2000 Quick Access Mode Basics


How can I organize my favorite Programs and Setups for quick/easy selection?


QUICK ACCESS Mode is a great way to organize and recall your favorite Programs and Setups. We have designed QUICK ACCESS Mode to allow you to call up a program or setup with a minimum amount of button presses. When in this mode, you will select one of 255 user-definable banks. Each of the 255 banks can have 10 selections, for a total of 2550 possible selections. You can think of this as 255 different performance lists (containing both programs and/or setups) for the ultimate in live performance flexibility.

Before exploring a Quick Access bank, let's look at the way the information is arranged on the display. Press the QUICK ACCESS button and you see the same OCTAVE TRANSPOSE, PANIC, VIEW and MIDI CHANNEL buttons you've seen before. Also notice the top highlighted bar, which shows you the bank number and name. You also see 10 programs and or setups (or any mix). Setups are indicated in the bottom righthand corner of the display and replace the MIDI channel indication shown when programs are selected. The selections are arranged in four rows. The top row contains entries 1-3 from left to right, the second row contains entries 4-6 from left to right, and the third row contains entries 7-9. The bottom row has entry 10 in the middle. The entry numbers are arranged exactly the same as the numbers on the alpha numeric keypad. Notice that the bottom highlighted bar shows the transposition of the bank, the current program or setup, and the MIDI channel. To select entries, use your keypad: #1 = entry 1, #2 = entry 2, and so on... or you may use the cursor buttons: up or down takes you vertically through the bank. Left or right scrolls horizontally through the bank. You may also choose to use the alpha wheel or the -/+ buttons to move forward or backwards through the bank. To switch from one Quick Access bank to another, use your CHAN/BANK-Layer/Zone buttons or press the +/- (bottom left on keypad) followed by entering the QA bank number you wish to select and press ENTER.

Let's explore a QUICK ACCESS bank. First, press the upper CHAN/BANK button until you see #1 Klavier. Press button number 1. Press the EDIT button and notice the display. You see two headings from left to right: ENTRY and TYPE. You also see the program (or setup) list to the right. Under these, you see from left to right the entry number (remember, you have 10 entries per bank), the type of entry (program or setup), the ID#, and the name. At the bottom of the display are NAME, SAVE, DELETE and DUMP. Use the cursor buttons to highlight the entry and turn your alpha wheel to scroll through the 10 entries until you return to #1. Next, highlight TYPE and scroll between PROG and SETUP. Return this field to SETUP. Highlight the ID# and name, and scroll until you see 100 Basic Setup. Create your own banks, name and save.

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