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Touch Sensitivity Adjustments

How can I adjust the touch sensitivity of my CUP2A / 120 / 110?


To adjust the Touch Sensitivity (how the keyboard responds to your playing):

  1. Press the SETTINGS button to enter the Settings menu. Each subsequent press of the SETTINGS button will advance you through the various parameters of the Settings menu (see Settings Mode in the User's Manual for details).

  2. Press the SETTINGS button repeatedly to select the "Touch" menu item (3rd in the list).

  3. Once the Touch parameter is selected, press PREVIOUS--and/or-NEXT+ to scroll through and select from the 10 available touch sensitivity levels.

    The choices are:

    • Linear (default)
    • Light 1
    • Light 2
    • Light 3
    • Hard 1
    • Hard 2
    • Hard 3
    • Piano Touch
    • Easy
    • GM Receive
    • (A description of each can be found in the User's Manual under Settings.)

      Tip: Pressing the Previous- / Next+ button pair together will reset the Touch level back to factory default of Linear.

  4. Press either the VOICE -OR- the PIANO button to Exit the Settings menu.

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