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Using a Practice Metronome

How do I enable a practice metronome in my CUP2/MP10/MPS10?


To enable a metronome click to practice along with:

  1. Press [Rhythm] button.
  2. Using the [Next] and/or [Previous] buttons* to select one of the 5 available on-board metronome patterns (ID #74-78). For ex: #74 is a simple 1/4 note metronome (see "List of Rhythm Patterns" in the manual for details).

    *Shortcut: Rhythms can also be selected directly by pressing + holding down the [Rhythm] button while striking corresponding piano keys. Piano keys A#6-D7 correspond to the same "metro" Rhythms #74-78.

  3. To set the tempo, press the [Tempo] button, then, using the [Next] and/or [Previous] buttons, select your desired tempo.
  4. Press [Play/Stop] to start the metronome.
  5. Press [Play/Stop] again to stop the metronome.

Usage Details

  • Adjust the Metronome Volume:
    -Press & release [Volume] (aka Favorite 1)
    -Using the [Next] and/or [Previous] buttons to select the volume level (range = 1-9)

  • Save Metronome as a Favorite:
    -Press & hold one of the three [Favorite] buttons for 2 sec. to store the current rhythm/metronome pattern and voice selection to that selected location.
    -The selection can be recalled at any time by pressing the same [Favorite] button again.

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