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Recording Without Rhythms or Metronome

How do I record without having an accompanying rhythm or metronome?


Turning off the Metronome:

  1. Press [Layer] + [Split] together to enter the Function menu.
  2. Press either [Layer] -OR- [Split] to move through the function menu (forwards and backwards) and locate the "Metronome" parameter.
  3. Press [Previous] or [Next] to set Metronome to OFF.

Recording without a Rhythm:

  1. **Press Rhythm
  2. **Starting from Rhythm #1 press Previous to select from an 'empty' song "U 09" down to "U 01". Initially, these are essentially blank, rhythm-less songs.
  3. Press Record
  4. Press Play/Stop to begin recording
  5. Perform
  6. Press Play/Stop again when you wish to stop recording

    Note: The display will now scroll and show "PRESS RECORD TO SAVE AS U1". You have 9 user slots for storing your own recordings - U1 to U9. At this step here you can use the [Next] or [Previous] button to select any of these slots to save to. The display will reflect your selection (either U1, or U2, U3 etc).

  7. Once you have selected the slot to save to, press Record to save to that slot.

**Note: another option would to be to update the unit's O/S. O/S v1.18 for the CUP-2 introduced, amongst other things, a new "Rec Rhythm: On/Off" function making the above process a simple on/off switch. The update is available here.

At the link above, scroll down below in the "Downloads tab area to select the update. Installation instructions and an addendum manual are included.

To Select and Playback a Previously Recorded Song:

  1. Press Rhythm
  2. Press the [Next] or [Previous] button to select any of the 9 user slots (U1 to U9).
  3. Press Play/Stop to playback current selection.

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