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Set Individual Program Volume Levels

How can I preset a fixed volume for an individual Program?


There is no way to edit the static volume of a patch at the Program level but you can achieve this via Multis.

The idea is to make a 1-zone Multi out of each individual program you want independent volume control over and, using the Multi Editor, set the Entry Volume. Then, if desired, store the Multi(s) in your Favorites instead of using the raw factory Program.

There are a few ways to go about this but here is one simple approach:

  1. Go to Multi Mode and select Multi '#254 Artis Control' (one of the starter templates):
  2. Press EDIT:

  3. On the MAIN page, use the data wheel and/or Sound Select keypad to choose your desired Program:
  4. On the MAIN page, use the PARAM buttons to select the 'Entry Volume' parameter:
  5. Using the data wheel and/or alphanumeric keypad, set the 'Entry Volume' to taste (range None, 0-127):
  6. SAVE the Multi, renaming if you wish.
  7. (Optional) Set this Multi as one of your Favorites.

Repeat as needed.

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