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Select Multis via MIDI

How can I use MIDI Bank and Program Changes to select Multis remotely?


To select Multis via MIDI you need to go into the Global/MIDI mode and set the "Local Key Channel" (manual ref. pg 9-10) to match the one channel you are wanting to send bank/program changes to the Artis on.

Once the Local Key Channel is set, put the Artis into Multi mode and send a:

  • cc32/Bank LSB message (value range = 0-4), followed by
  • program change (value range = 0-127)

MIDI 'Banks' are in groups of 128 entries, 0-127.

So for example, if you wanted to select Multi #168 SynBass/Strings you would send:

  • cc32 = 1
  • Pchg = 40

The way to figure this out is fairly simple:

  • Multi# ÷ 128 = B (where B = MIDI Bank and is the whole number to the left of any decimal point)
  • Multi# - (B x 128) = program change number

Be sure too that you are running the latest OS. The latest update is available here.

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