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Using a Foot Switch Pedal to Navigate Programs/Multis/Favorites

How can I assign a switch pedal to navigate my Programs/Multis/Favorites?


  1. With the Artis7 power turned off, connect a switch pedal to either SW1 or SW2.

    NOTE: each Artis7 switch pedal input supports using either single (1/4" TS) or dual (1/4" TRS) switch pedals. This permits up to 4 switch pedals (when two dual pedals are used).

  2. In the GLOBAL Mode, using the PARAM/CHANNEL buttons, select the Pedal Override parameter that corresponds to the physical input you connected your pedal to. As each pedal input can support single or dual pedals, there are four total possibilities to chose from: SW1a, SW1b, SW2a, SW2b. If only using single pedals, only the 'a' side parameter is used.

    For ex:

    If you connect a single pedal to SW2, select "Pedal SW2a Override".

  3. There are 4 options to choose from related to navigating on-screen selections with a pedal. Using the data wheel, choose the one that suits your needs:


    Move forwards through the list of Programs or Multis.
    DataDec Move backwards through the list Programs or Multis.


    Move forwards through the list of stored Favorites.


    Move backwards through the list of stored Favorites.

    *NOTE: when choosing one of the "Favorites", the list will cycle/wrap around the 10 available button slots.

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