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Activating Sustain Pedal for KB3 Programs

When I step on the sustain pedal using a KB3-based program, it is currently controlling the leslie rotor speed. How can I change that to traditional sustain operation?


Here is how to reassign SW 1 to act as a traditional sustain pedal for KB3-based programs:

  1. Leave the sustain pedal connected as usual (to the SW 1 pedal jack).
  2. Go to the GLOBAL mode.
  3. Using the Param/Channel buttons, highlight the "Rotary S/F Override" parameter:

  4. Using the data wheel, set it to "Variation":

  5. NOTES:
    "Variation+Sustain" = the Variation (Rotary S/F) button AND the sustain pedal will control the leslie rotary speed.
    "Variation" = only the Variation (Rotary S/F) button will control the leslie rotary speed; the sustain pedal will act as traditional sustain.
  6. Press PROGRAM to return to Program mode.

Now all KB3-generated programs will use the Sustain/SW1 pedal for sustain.

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