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Loading User Data (USB to Computer)

How can I load an Artis user data file (.ART) directly from my Mac/PC via USB cable?


"LOAD" Procedure:

  1. With both the Artis and your computer powered on, connect a USB cable between the Artis back-panel USB "Computer" port and any free USB port on your computer.

  2. On the Artis, press the Global mode button, then press the "LOAD" soft button:

  3. Press "PC":

    Your computer will now mount a temporary removable disk which will act as the conduit between your computer and the Artis.

    (Note: USB-MIDI connections will temporarily be severed when engaging the LOAD function).

  4. On your computer, copy the ONE desired .ART file to the temporary removable disk and wait for it to complete copying.

    Note: the system only supports loading one file at a time.

  5. Choose your load method, "FILL" or "OVWRTE":

    "FILL" - loads the file's contents into the first empty User ID slot, and then subsequent empty slots, without erasing existing user data:

    "OVWRTE" - (aka Overwrite) ERASES all USER Programs/Multis currently in memory, replacing them with the loaded file's contents (factory banks are not affected):

    IMPORTANT: Choosing OVWRTE will bring up an alert prompt, cautioning you that "Overwrite can delete existing user objects. Are you sure?". Press "Yes" to proceed or "No" to cancel. Before opting to use OVWRTE, be sure that any User Programs/Multis currently residing in the Artis, that you wish to keep, are already themselves backed up to external disk.

  6. A brief "Loading..." message will be seen while the file is loaded.
    Global               LOAD                      

    Press "OK" when the load is complete.

  7. Press Program or Multi to Exit the Global mode. Your computer will issue a "device removal" message - you can cancel/ignore this.
  • If the Artis is not connected to a computer when pressing "PC" (step 3), the the display will show the message "Connect USB cable...".
  • If no file is in the temporary removable drive on your computer when choosing your load method (step 5), the display will show the message "Nothing loaded".
  • If more than one file is in the temporary removable drive on your computer when choosing your load method (step 5), only the first of those files (alphabetically) will be loaded.

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