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Saving User Data (USB to Computer)

How can I save (backup) all of my Artis's user data directly to my Mac/PC via USB cable?


The Artis saves all data from both User Banks (Program and Multis) into one file with an ".ART" extension.

"STORE" Procedure:

  1. With both the Artis and your computer powered on, connect a USB cable between the Artis back-panel USB "Computer" port and any free USB port on your computer.

  2. On the Artis, press the Global mode button, then press the "STORE" soft button:

  3. Press "PC":

    Your computer will now mount a temporary removable disk which will act as the conduit between your computer and the Artis.

    (Note: USB-MIDI connections will temporarily be severed when engaging the STORE function).

  4. Name your file. Use the Previous(-) and Next(+) buttons to advance the cursor. Use the data wheel and/or alphanumeric keypad to enter characters. Then press "Store" to save:

  5. A brief "Storing..." message will be seen while the file is saved.
    Global               STORE                      

  6. IMPORTANT: You now need to COPY (drag and drop) the resultant ".ART" file out of the temporary removable disk mounted on your computer to any location on your computer hard drive where you wish to store this file long term. It is critical that you do this *before* you press "OK" as the removable disk will be ejected and .ART file erased from it when you do.

    Press "OK" only AFTER the file has been safely copied out of the temporary drive to your computer.

  7. Press Program or Multi to Exit the Global mode. Your computer will issue a "device removal" message - you can cancel/ignore this.
  • If the Artis is not connected to a computer when pressing "PC" (step 3), the the display will show the message "Connect USB cable...".
  • If no USER objects are in memory when pressing "Store" (step 4), the display will show the message "Nothing stored".

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