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Saving User Data (USB Flash/Thumb Drive)

How can I save (backup) all of my Artis's user data to a USB flash/thumb drive?

Q:How can I save (backup) all of my Artis's user data to a USB flash/thumb drive?

The Artis saves all data from both User Banks (Program and Multis) into one file with an ".ART" extension.

"STORE" Procedure:

  1. Plug a USB flash/thumb drive into the Artis back-panel USB "Storage " port.

  2. Press the Global mode button, then press the "STORE" soft button:

  3. Press "Device":

    (Note: USB-MIDI connections will temporarily be severed when engaging the STORE function).

  4. Press "Store" to the designate the current directory location to save your file to:

  5. Name your file. Use the Previous(-) and Next(+) buttons to advance the cursor. Use the data wheel and/or alphanumeric keypad to enter characters. Then press "Store" to save:

  6. A brief "Storing..." message will be seen while the file is saved.
    Global               STORE                      

    Press "OK" when the save is complete.

  7. Press Program or Multi to Exit the Global mode.
  • If no flash/thumb drive is inserted when pressing "Device" (step 3), the the display will show the message "Connect USB Device...".
  • If the filename you choose already exists on disk, when pressing "Store" (step 5) you will see an alert. "A file with that name already exists. Are you sure you want to overwrite it?". You can choose 'Yes' to proceed, or 'No' to return to the naming screen and enter a new name.
  • If no USER objects are in memory when pressing "Store" (step 5), the display will show the message "Nothing stored".

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