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Creating Splits & Layers: Multi Mode Basics

How can I combine two or more programs together in layer and/or split fashion?


The Artis Multi mode is the ideal place to construct performance layers and splits. Each Multi permits the combination of up to 4 unique program zones. Multis can be built completely from scratch from within Multi mode itself or, for a faster start, using the dedicated front-panel "Layer" and "Split" soft button tools which simplify the process.

(complete parameter details can be found in Chpt. 7 & 8 of the Musician's Guide).

Here are the basic steps for creating Split and Layer combinations:

  1. From Program mode, select the initial sound you wish to start with - for ex below we have selected a piano program:

  2. From here you can proceed following one of two paths adding a SPLIT OR a LAYER zone:
    (a) Press "SPLIT" to create a split zone: OR (b) Press "LAYER" to create a layer zone:

  3. Next, press PROG and select the desired Program to use for this new split or layer zone:
    (a) For ex, here we chose an acoustic bass: OR (b) For ex, here we chose a synth pad:

  4. If desired, press VOLUME and change the Volume balance between this new zone and the primary program (Piano in our ex):

    Note: this is a 'balance' control. Positive values will lower the primary program volume; negative values lower the volume of the newly added zone.

    (a) For ex, here we raised the volume of the bass:
    (lowers the piano)
    OR (b) For ex, here we lowered the volume of the pad:

  5. If needed, press XPOSE and change the Transposition (Xpose) of the newly added zone by +/- 2 octaves (in semitones):
    (a) Here we opted to raise the bass an octave: OR (b) Here we chose to NOT transpose the pad:

  6. Lastly, if this is a split zone, you can press KEY and change the default split-point (B3):

    TIP: use the ASSIGN feature to select the Split- hold down and press the desired piano key.

    (a) Here we chose to change the split point to C3:

  7. Press the front panel SAVE button (will be lit) to store this Multi the User bank:

  8. By default you are first brought to the ID page. Choose the User ID where you would like to save this Multi to (range #257-512):

    For ex, we chose ID #258:

  9. Press the NAME soft button to name your Multi creation:

  10. Using the alpha numeric keypad, enter a name for your Multi (see pg. 6-19 in the manual for details on using the alphanumeric keypad):
    (a) Press "Save" when done: OR (b) Press "Save" when done:

  11. Done. Your custom Multi is now stored to the ID chosen above. To recall at any time, press MULTI, press USER, then use the data wheel, +/- or Multi Select buttons to select.

    TIP: to recall your Multi even faster, save it as a FAVORITE .

  12. With your new Multi on screen, feel free to go back to step 2 and add additional zones (up to 4 max).

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