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Herbert Medeiros

"These instruments will always be considered outstanding! I am constantly surprised by the quality and fidelity of the Kurzweil sounds ... It's the sound! It's Kurzweil!!"

- Herbert Medeiros


Pianist, keyboardist, producer and songwriter, Herbert Medeiros began his musical career at the age of nine by playing with the orchestra at his church. Herbert`s favorite styles are Gospel, Brazilian music (MPB, Bossa Nova), Jazz, Soul, R&B and Funk.

In 2002 Herbert entered U.L.M. (Universidade Livre de Música Tom Jobim), where he attended music production, harmony and improvisation courses. He also participated in several cultural music workshops in the city of São Paulo.

Herbert currently tours extensively in Brazil, Europe and South America and appears frequently on TV shows with artists from different musical segments including Negra Li, Vanessa Jackson, Lino Criz, Dj Hum, Banda Black Rio, Serial Funkers, Today, Ed Motta, Fabio Cadore, Gabriel Moura, Angélica Sansone, Thulla Mello Maloka Chic, Mr. Dan, Patricia Marx, Vanessa Hariel, Silvera, E-Beilli, Filiph Neo, Carlos da Fé, Sandra de Sá, Tony Garrido, FamíliaLima and Marina Lima.

Herbert has also worked with international artists such as the British band Incógnito and the Austrian violinist Rudi Berger.

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  • Serial Funkers
  • Tried Instrumental
  • Mr. Dan
  • Today
  • Maloka Chic
  • Marina Lima
  • Família Lima
  • Silvera
Projects featuring Kurzweil gear
  • Rick Digilio - Nada me separará de ti
  • Mr Dan - Para pra pensar
  • Serial Funkers
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